Op 4 september 2020 is bekend gemaakt dat ik een Gold Award heb verworven met mijn tweeluik Look forward now, twee minicollages. De collages zijn inmiddels opgenomen in de collectie van Kanyer Art Collection, in de VS. Ik voel me vereerd!!!

Meer informatie over mijn collages in het kader van: Finding joy in the smalles of things, Doug and Laurie Kanyer Art Collection (in het Engels)

Diptych Look forward now, 2 collages made by Jonaske de Ruiter Tilburg, The Netherlands, 18-08-2020

Date of finishing the collage: 15-07-2020
Place of finishing the collage: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Material used: Paper, old photo, used Pergamon envelope and thread for the collage. The collage is made on glued pieces of paper of old photo’s, airplane envelopes, letters and notes. All cut on size of 1,88”.

Short narrative of this collage:

Memories, in all kind of varieties. On paper, written papers, letters, photo’s or postcards. This year I started to clean this up. It’s a step towards trusting my own memories. I don’t need to keep it all on paper anymore. So I threw away a lot. But of some pieces I cut out a square of 1,88”. I divided the different kinds of paper and glued them together. So I got some thick layers for new collages. Based on memories, based on all sorts of different experiences of love and happiness and grieve and scarfs. But it all exists and all the experiences are in me.

That’s where the collage Look forward now started.
Finding joy in the smallest of things, it inspired me to make this diptych. It contains the movement in life by a piece of a photo of the sea, it contains seeing each other in love.


The Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection - Open Call Purchase Awards, “Finding Joy in the Smallest of Things - Exploring Mini Collages”.


This call began on our anniversary, June 20, 2020. We celebrated 39 years of marriage and 42 years of collecting art. The theme of this call focused on how small things expand, grow and flourish, like the masterpieces created on less than two inches of substrate. 


The opportunity to join Zach Collins as co-juror was a distinct honor. He is undisputedly one of the most loved, respected and honored collagists in the world. His commitment to collaboration is inspirational.


There were 1,200 collages submitted to #findingjoyinthesmallestoftings. Jurors Collins (@zachcollinsart) and Laurie Kanyer (@lauriekanyer) took weeks to make their selections. A total of $1,550 in cash and other prizes were awarded to 21 artists; one artist received two awards.


We thank all of those who submitted. The jurying process was extremely difficult as the quality of work submitted was remarkable. 


Congratulations to those selected and thank you to all who submitted. In the near future we will be offering individual features on each of the artists with their bios and a narrative about their collage.


Gold Award Winners: 

Mimi Shapiro (@mimi_shapiro)

Julie Liger-Belair (@julie.liger.belair)

Elise Margolis (@elisemargolisart) 

Jonaske de Ruiter (@jonaske)

Millie Bartlett (@ms_millie_bartlett)

Errin Ironside (@ironside_eyes)


Silver Award Winners: 

Liza Petridou (@lizaa.petridou)

Petra Zehner (@petrazehner.art)

Doug Schulte (@doug.schulte.art)


Bronze Winners:

Miranda Millward (@scissorspaperpaste) 

Diane Lestage-Davis (@dinee_d) 

Sarah Perkins (@sarahperkinsillustration)

Gabriela Szulman (@gabrielaszulman)

Native (@lofficinedenative)

John Andrew Dixon (@thecollageminiaturist),

Fernanda Porto (@fernandaportoart)

Felicia Dadak (@feliciadadak)

Isabelle Milkoff (@milkisa61)

Dorothee Mesander (@dorotheemesander)

Lisbeth Søgård-Høyer (@lisbeth_sogard_hoyer)

Eve Baldry (@evebaldryart)


Congratulations to those selected. Each artist has posted their award winning collages on their Instagram feeds. Please visit and appreciate their fine art collages, all selected to be part of the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection.